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The Knowledge Holder

brand film

Edited by Yotam Hatzvi
Colour grade, sound/music design and mix by Yotam Hatzvi
Production Company: The Hive
Client: University of Melbourne

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It Starts on TikTok


Edited and VFX by Yotam Hatzvi
Agency: Akcelo
Client: TikTok

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TAL Assister Program

Product LAUNCH

Directed and filmed by Yotam Hatzvi
Edited, colour grade and mix by Yotam Hatzvi
Agency: Enigma
Client: TAL Insurance

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Disease Dilemmas


Edited, sound design, colour grade and VFX by Yotam Hatzvi
Agency: BWM Dentsu
Client: Garvan Institute

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Launching into the Future


Edited and VFX by Yotam Hatzvi
Production Company: Chief Entertainment
Client: Bayer

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SAFF Sizzle Reel

Hype Reel

Edited and VFX by Yotam Hatzvi
Client: Sydney South African Film Festival

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LIGHTDARK FILMS was founded by Yotam Hatzvi, a senior video editor, VFX artist, colourist and filmmaker who has crafted videos for some of the biggest brands and creative agencies for over 15 years on TV commercials, brand films, hype reels, case studies, documentaries, TV programs and feature films, through video editing, motion graphics, filming and colour grading.

Video Editing

Crafted visual storytelling through offline and online video editing on a premium edit suite, including sound design, audio repairing and mixing, with online, broadcast and social deliverables.

Motion Graphics

Visual effects design and animation in Adobe After Effects, including infographics, logo animations, rotoscoping, 2D/3D graphics, motion tracking and screen replacements.


Directing and filming various forms of shoots on the Blackmagic 6K Cinema Cameras with a range of focal length lenses, audio recording, lighting and gimbal stabilisers.

Colour Grading

Colour correction & grading in Davinci Resolve, including creating looks, skin tone adjustments, shot matching and sky replacements with various colour space deliverables.

The Great Gatsby
Behind The Scenes

In Africa

Short Film


African Film Festival
Brand film

The Good Dinosaur

Another Tomorrow

Campaign Pitch

The Wire
Tupac Music Video